Norwegian Media Businesses' Association

Norwegian Media Businesses' Association is the media trade- and tariff organization in Norway. The organization counts approx. 324 member businesses, consisting newspapers, TV companies, media groups, magazines, multimedia companies, press agencies, radio stations, printing offices, distribution companies, advertising groups and advertising companies.

The Norwegian Media Businesses' Association is a member of the Confederation of Norwegian Business, and is the main negotiator vis-à-vis the labour unions in the media industry. Our managing director is Mrs. Randi Øgrey.

Association objectives

Attend to members common interests, thereby contributing to a diverse, independent and economically healthy industry.

Secure editorial independence, and work towards securing an overall framework beneficial to the industry’s competitiveness and profitability, thereby securing jobs within the industry

Promote contact and cooperation between members, and between members and employees.

Initiate common initiatives in cases where the members deem it necessary and useful.


Priority areas

There are four priority areas, each with a designated executive:

  • Negotiations and representing employers: Representing employers in collective bargaining, and in general.
  • Media and business law: Copyright, press ethics, freedom of expression and other legal issues to do with the media.
  • Industrial policies: Promoting legislation and industrial policies which are conducive to a prosperous business climate and ensuring framework conditions for the industry which are consistent with this goal.
  • Documentation and Media Convergence: Statistics, analysis, media convergence and digital media.

Newspapers in Education works to promote active use of media in education.


NADA (Norwegian Newspapers' Digital Advertisement Delivery System Ltd.) develops software and spreads knowhow regarding digital transmission of advertisements from producer to newspaper.

Papirkjøp AS negotiates joint purchasing of newsprint for the association members.

Mediebedriftenes Klareringstjeneste AS is a digital rights management company/clearing house for association members digital content.

Contact information:

Norwegian Media Businesses' Association

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Tel. +47 22 86 12 00 and fax +47 22 42 26 11 / +47 22 86 12 02.

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